shred8The New Optical Media Shredder 0201 OMD is a High Performance Shredder designed to destroy CD’s, DVD’s, and Blue Ray Disks to High Security Particles of under 10mm sq.


High-quality cutting head with 2.2 x 4 mm particle size for high security needs according to German BSI – TL 03420 and North American NSA/CSS 04-02 requirements (particle size = 10 mm2); impressive shred speed guarantees high shred performance of up to 2,500 CDs or DVDs per hour (one by one feeding); solid steel cutting shafts made of special hardened steel, suitable for all types of CDs and DVDs. ”SPS“ – (Safety Protection System) package: electronically controlled safety flap in the feed opening with specially designed feed slot to accept optical media and to prevent ”fly back“; automatic reverse and power cut-off (to prevent jams); automatic stop if the collection bin is full; electronic door protection via a magnetic proximity switch; double motor protection; energy saving mode (ESM). multifunction control element ”EASY_SWITCH“ with integrated optical indicators for the operational status of the shredder | automatic start and stop via a photo cell | ”ECC“ – Electronic Capacity Control – indication of the used shred capacity during shredding process | automatic oil injection on the cutting shafts during shredding operation for constantly high shred performance | powerful 1600 watt motor for continuous operation | sturdy chain drive and dust-proof gear box housing | high-quality wooden cabinet, mobile on castors | anti-static collection bin (100 litres volume) made of an impact resistant plastic material | attractive colour combination: silver / dark grey | one year guarantee on all parts | quality ”Made in Germany


The high quality Solid Steel Cutters of the 0201 OMD Optical Media Shredder are made of especially Hardened Steel and are suitable for the High Security Shredding of up to 2,500 CDs or DVDs per hour to 2.2 x 4 mm particles size, and meet International Standards including the German BSI – TL 03420 and North American NSA/CSS 04-02 requirements (particle size = 10 mm2) The 0201OMD featuresIDEAL’s Safety Protection System Package ‘SPS’ with an electronically controlled Safety Flap which is situated in the Feed Opening designed to accept Optical Media, preventing particles ‘Flying Back’ out of the mouth eliminating danger. Additional Feature of the 0201 OMD include and Automatic Reverse System and Power Cut-Off designed to prevent jams. The machine will automatically stop if the Collection Bin fills up and the Double Motor Protector has an Energy Saving Mode – ESM, which saves valuable energy. The 0201 OMD System includes a Factory Installed Automatic Oiler with a ONE GALLON reservoir to keep the machine lubricated and reduce static, to keep the Cutters cool while shredding plastic disks. Shreds fall into a 100 litre Anti-Static waste collection Bin. Additional features include an Automatic Start/Stop ‘Hands-Free’ Operation, Bag Full and Door Open Shut-Off with Indicator Lights, ECC – Electronic Capacity Control with a Visual Feed Rate Meter, a SPS Safety Protection System, and an EASY SWITCH which houses the On/Off Start button with illuminated symbols. The Unit has a powerful 1600 watt Motor for Continuous Operation with sturdy Chain Drive and Dust-Proof Gear Box Housing, a High-quality Wooden Cabinet which is Mobile on Castors and ‘Made in Germany’ Quality.

Ideal 0201 OMD


Name 0201OMD
CD/DVD Capacity 1
Hourly Capacity 2500 CDs/DVDs per hour
Security Level Top Secret (DIN5)
Shred Size (Media) 2.2x4mm
Throat Width 130mm (CD/DVDs)
Bin Capacity: 100 litres/ sheets
Motor 1600 watts
Voltage Cycle (v/Hz) 230/50
Dimensions (W*D*H) 548*590*1020mm
Weight 104kg
Shreds Staples: No
Shreds CDs/DVDs: Yes
Shreds Credit Cards Yes
Shreds Cardboard No
Shreds Floppy Disks No
Waste Sack Type N/A