KK Balers support Bidfood to help vulnerable during COVID

As part of a nation-wide initiative, Bidfood and Brakes, the UK’s leading foodservice wholesalers, joined forces to support government teams and local councils to ensure that vital food supplies have reached the country’s most vulnerable people during the coronavirus crisis.  In what has been the biggest effort of its kind since the second world war,…


KK500 Baler

Weekly collections decreased from 10 down to 1 collection per week

KK’s Bespoke Solution for Europa’s Cardboard Waste Management System Europa Worldwide Group is a fast-growing privately-owned logistics operator Europa employs more than 950 people across its six divisions – Europa Road, Europa Air & Sea, Europa Warehouse, Europa Showfreight, Europa Contact Centre and Continental Cargo Carriers.  Europa Road operates the UK’s largest European groupage hub which is situated in Dartford. Its…


KK15 Baler

KK supply Delta Pack in time of need

        Delta Pack in Birmingham approached KK Balers for an environmentally friendly solution to their Waste Management. The environment is one of the core ideals Delta takes into consideration when manufacturing packaging materials. Utilising 100% recycled Kraft and Sulphite paper to foil and PE laminated they keep sustainability at the forefront of…


KK Balers help Vision Engineering See the Benefits of a Baler

Vision Engineering approached KK Balers for a solution to their excess of cardboard waste. They manufacture unique ergonomic stereo microscopes, digital inspection and non-contact measuring systems. Engineers and scientists worldwide use Vision Engineering’s high-quality systems for a wide range of magnification, inspection and measurement applications in industrial, materials and life science markets. Renowned for pioneering…


KK Customise Baler to Streamline INDO Lighting’s Production

INDO Lighting approached KK Balers for a solution to their cardboard waste problem and, given the waste turnaround of the company, we recommended a KK 18 Baler. INDO is a pioneering manufacturer of Direct Drive LED street lighting systems, bespoke retrofit solutions and induction lighting equipment. Using advanced technologies and only the best quality components,…


KK and Water Wellbeing helping the Environment

Water Wellbeing Ltd has two operational trading companies. Edgar’s Water and Wellbeing People. Edgar’s Water supplies water coolers, bottled drinking water and fresh fruit deliveries throughout the UK to any organisations that needs to hydrate their workforce. They operate over six sites and are distributing throughout the UK via 100 fleet vehicles. The original bottling…


Christo sculpture in Serpentine Lake

KK Crushes Monumental Sculpture

KK Balers help Kraft E.L.S deconstruct Christo’s temporary sculpture in Serpentine Lake, Hyde Park The London Mastaba was a temporary sculpture designed by world renowned artist Christo and comprised of horizontally stacked barrels on a floating platform in Serpentine Lake, Hyde Park from June 18 to September 23, 2018. KK Balers supplied the installation and…


KK supply ‘Bute Balers’ to Bute Island Foods

Bute Island Foods came to KK Balers for a solution to help them streamline their waste, with the aim to recycle materials where possible and save time and money on waste disposal. They are the UK’s leading manufacturers and suppliers of Vegan and Dairy Free cheese products. With a state-of-the-art facility, they are able to satisfy…


Dermalogica Case Study KK

KK Balers helps Dermalogica Cut Waste for Space

A long standing customer of KK Balers had been struggling with their increased turn-over of packaging materials. The KK 40 was installed initially which for a few years was sufficiently managing the waste stream, but with the volume building as their business increased they needed to upgrade to a larger model, the KK 500 in…