With a short-term compactor rental from KK Balers, you can crush your waste disposal problem. Our compactors are available to rent now.

By offering short-term, flexible contracts and fast delivery we can have you up and running in no time!

There is zero-risk with our fully flexible rental options just speak to one of our expert advisors today to find the best solution to deal with your waste.

Simply contact us now to discuss your requirements and we will do the rest.

Baler delivery

Fast delivery

Speedy delivery to ensure you can start compacting your waste soon.

Free technical advice

Free technical advice

Our experts can help you find exactly which compactor will meet your needs.

Short term baler rentals

Short term rentals

Low commitment – hire a compactor for as little as six months.

Contact us now for free, friendly advice


    Compactors to suit all needs

    KK 240/360 Bin Compactor

    This diverse compactor crushes the waste thrown into your 240 or 360 litre wheelie bin.

    KK 1100/660 Bin Press

    3.5 ton compaction force reduces all types of waste by a ratio of 5:1.

    Static/Portable Compactors

    KK Balers manufacture a complete range of static and portable compactors, with standard and bespoke systems to suit all applications.

    KK Gyropress

    This labour saving compactor crushes card and general waste neatly into plastic sacks.

    KK Bag Press

    The KK Bag Press is suitable for both wet and dry waste materials.

    KK Manual Can Press

    The KK Manual Can Press can reduce and flatten a 5 litre can’s volume from 5:1.

    KK Drum Press

    24 tons of power crushes all 205 litre/45 gallon metal drums to a fraction of their original size in just 35 secs.