Manual Can Press

Did you know that empty cans contain 80% air? If not crushed this causes overflowing skips and carts which leads to frequent and costly refuse collection. The KK Manual Can Press can reduce and flatten a 5 litre can’s volume from 5:1, allowing 5 times as much waste to be taken away in one load which significantly reduces collection frequency.

Particularly if your cans/tins contain hazardous material like oil or paint, which can be even more expensive to dispose of, a KK Manual Can Press will enable your company to save money on your waste collections and also help your company conform to environmental legislation and avoid rising landfill taxes.

The press is very easy to use and takes up minimal space in any size company. It doesn’t require electricity or installation which makes it even more easy and ready to use. Tins are compacted by 80% which should be reflected in your savings on your waste disposal.

The KK Manual Can Press can be purchased complete unit or as two seperate items, the first being the can press itself and secondly the galvanised box underneath. The benefits for purchasing the unit seperately is that many companies opt to use their own collection trays or boxes. The can press would suit any size company from building contractors, painters and decorators to small restaurants and hotels. Any place that uses cans and therefore need to dispose of them, would benefit from the can press.


Simple and convenient to use
Compact and fits neatly into any size company
Environmentally friendly
Limits waste storage space
Reduces waste collection costs
Competitively priced