Mini glass crusher
Mini glass crusher in bar
Mini bottle crusher

Glass Crusher

KK Mini Glass crusher is an under the counter bottle crusher. It can reduce bottle volume by up to 80% and the output cullet can be reprocessed back into bottles. It’s the ideal solution for pubs, restaurants and hotels.

  • Reduces weekly waste collection costs
  • Reduces bottle volume by 5:1
  • 90 Bottles per bin
  • Allows staff to concentrate on providing excellent customer service instead of moving bottle bins throughout the bar
  • Low noise operation and is energy efficient
  • Reduces your carbon footprint
  • Mobile for ease of movement
  • All of the glass can be recycled and reprocessed back into bottles.

Why Use a Glass Crusher?

  • Reduces glass disposal costs.
  • Allows staff to prioritise customer service over moving empty bottle bins throughout the bar.
  • Frees up space used to store empty bottles.
  • Reduces carbon footprint.
  • Reduces the workload for staff, no more segregating bottles.
  • Low noise operation and are energy efficient.
  • All machines are fully certified and are safe and easy to use.
  • Mobile for ease of movement.

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KK Mini Glass Crusher
 Height  840mm 33 5/65”
 Width  600mm 23 5/8”
 Depth  600mm 23 5/8”
 Weight  106kg 234lb
 Noise Level   65db
 Power  220 Volt or optional 110 Volt
 Certification  CE Certified. Manufactured to ISO 9001 Standards