Glass Crushing Machine

Glass crushing machines are a necessity in pubs, bars, hotels and restaurants where owners and managers rely on the crushers to free up space used to store empty bottles.

Suitable for high volume bottle disposal

The volume fed bottle crusher can crush 680 bottles in 10 minutes and reduces glass bottle volume by 5:1. The bottle crushers can be used indoors and outdoors.

  • Reduce bottle volume by 5:1
  • Save on your glass disposal costs
  • Reduce your carbon footprint
  • Reduces glass to cullet size
  • Glass bottle volume is reduced by 80%
  • All of the crushed glass can be recycled back into bottles.

The KK Mega Glass Crusher can have a built in extraction system which means the bottle crushers can be used indoors and in confined areas. The extraction system filters any fine dust created when crushing bottles. The crushed glass is collected in a 140 litre bin, wheeled inside the machine. Each 140 litre bin can hold 680 bottles of crushed glass.

The KK Mega Glass Crusher can crush up to 4,000 bottles per hour. Existing clients include leading 4 and 5 star hotels. Using a volume fed bottle crusher helps to manage their waste and glass recycling efficiently and effectively.


Height 1920mm
Width 840mm
Depth 1060mm
Weight 185kg
Power 220 Volt or optional 110 Volt
Certification CE Certified. Manufactured to ISO 9001 standards
Finish Primed and powder coated salt resistant coating.


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