KK In-Bin Glass Crusher

In bin glass crusher

Incorporates a 240 litre waste bin lid, which mounts onto any standard 240 litre bin.

ONLY £1,450

KK Mini Glass Crusher

KK Mini Glass crusher is an under the counter bottle crusher.
Height: 840mm
Weight: 106kg

KK Mega Glass Crusher

High volume bottle crusher can crush 680 bottles in 10 minutes.
Height: 1920mm
Weight: 185kg

Why is glass waste collection so expensive?

Empty glass bottles consist of mainly of air, therefore hospitality venues are predominantly paying to have air removed from their premises, rather than actual glass. Empty bottles take up space, which means that sites either have large number of bins collected weekly, or if space is limited, fewer bins are collected more frequently; either way it is expensive.

Disposing of empty glass bottles is inconvenient, costly and inefficient! By smashing these bottles into cullet glass saves money and much more!

•Halve glass waste collection costs

•Halve waste storage space

•Eliminate noise pollution

•Enables sufficient storage capacity – no more overfull bins

•Reduce your carbon footprint through improved collection efficiency

Until now, only the largest venues have been able to justify investing into bottle smashers. Even for these venues the bins have to be filled with cullet glass in order for them to yield a return on their investment. These bins once full can weigh up to 200kg and therefore difficult to manoeuvre and many collectors refuse to handle them.