KK Food Waste Station

The KK Waste Station is the cost effective solution for Food Waste Recycling. It works by grinding the food waste into fine particles, which then feeds directly into the built in dewatering system. Through centrifugal action, the KK Waste Station forces out the excess liquid from the macerated waste. This ‘grey water’ is fed directly to drain, the resulting solid fraction of the food waste is collected in small, easily managed, lidded bins, ready for onward processing. Food waste typically represents around 40% of total commercial catering waste.* Of this 40% approximately 77% is liquid. This is the optimal solution for food waste disposal, which many kitchens, restaurants, hotels have adopted to deal with their food waste.


Product Features

Visual Control Panel – A simple LED display to allow monitoring of the equipment during operation.

Self Cleaning Operation – The machine can undertake a thorough clean, ensuring the whole system is free of food and grease, thereby reducing labour time required to operate the machine.

Electronic Sensor – Detects when the bin is full.

Self Emptying – This eliminates the need for staff to empty the auger assembly reducing labour times required to operate the machine.

Savings and Benefits:

Transport Savings – Waste collection costs are reduced by up to 80%, due to the reduction of food waste volume and weight.

Storage Savings – Due to reduction of waste volume.

Labour Savings – The self cleaning action reduces staff time managing and processing food waste.

Energy Savings – Compact design and short processing times ensure low operating costs and minimal use of kitchen floor costs.

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Many kitchens all over the UK have recognised the commercial and environmental benefits of food waste recycling and have adopted this proven and natural method of treating organic materials to produce a product that is free of pathogens and high in nutrients, therefore adding organic matter back into the soil. This will not only impact the reduction of landfill and their emissions as a 100% sustainable approach to food waste disposal. You will also save money and be conforming to legislation as it is one of the Governments preferred recycling solutions.