Cardboard Waste Management System

KK Balers were selected by the team at Europa from a shortlist of recommended suppliers put forward by managers across it’s multiple warehouse sites. Following early discussions and a site survey by KK it was clear that the KK 500 SA baler would meet the site requirements and additional bespoke elements would compliment production needs.

Europa Worldwide Group is a fast-growing privately-owned logistics operator Europa employs more than 950 people across its six divisions – Europa Road, Europa Air & Sea, Europa Warehouse, Europa Showfreight, Europa Contact Centre and Continental Cargo Carriers. Europa Road operates the UK’s largest European groupage hub which is situated in Dartford. Its network of 13 UK branches trunk into Dartford from where freight connects with daily, direct services to 30 continental hubs. The business has succeeded through a combination of friendly people management and investing heavily in IT and physical infrastructure.

Prior to having the baler installed Europa’s cardboard was double handled by staff and loaded loosely into a container, the weights per container were low and there were 10 transport collections per week. They needed a solution that was going to benefit production, staff hours and also importantly be kinder to the environment.


The bespoke solution would benefit the business by allowing two departments to recycle waste with more efficiency.

The set up allows staff on the ground floor to load clean cardboard waste into bins and the bin lift function will empty bins – previously staff would dispose this card into a cardboard skip.

On the first floor, staff will fill bins and load straight into the hopper, keeping the mezzanine floor clear.

Previously staff would load bins and wait for transport to remove them and empty waste on the ground floor, staff would then have to reload the bins to the first floor before the process started again.

The amount of staff time saved is significant to keeping the operation moving.

It’s also important to recognise the improvement in Health and Safety with this new process, which is very paramount when running a busy warehouse site.

We asked the Facilities Manager for Europa Worldwide Group if he could foresee any cost savings and benefits of the new waste management system he responded

“ We envisage instant savings financially and by reducing our effects on the environment as our weekly collections have decreased from 10 to 1 per week – a 90% reduction in transport.

We hope to generate an income from the baled product once the market recovers. We expect to see the gross weight for 1 container of cardboard increase significantly from our previous loose cardboard collections.”

He also commented on KK Balers service

“KK Balers have given a professional service to the highest level, maintaining health and safety standards during delivery and install and delivering a professional training session to ensure we had the knowledge to operate the machine correctly and safely from day one.”

The KK 500 Semi Automatic Baler installed at Europa

KK500 Baler

Europa Worldwide’s cardboard recycling and waste management system

Waste recycling solution provided by KK Balers is a huge success with customer.

How did they reduce 3 days to 3 hours?

“We’re a family run business with multiple garden centres across the South West of England which sell plants, horticultural equipment, outdoor furniture, barbeques and much more”

Mr P shares with us how their flagship garden centre and has become the hub of their ongoing efforts to reduce our environmental impact. This includes recycling as much waste material as possible.

“By having this new larger baler from KK Balers onsite means we can recycle even more waste from all our garden centres, including the used plastic plant pots that customers bring back to us. It’s helped us to cut down on general waste, reduce our waste collection costs and overall has hugely improved our waste management. Where it used to take three days to bale 10 stillages of cardboard, it now takes just three hours.”

Health and safety is really important in our business. We are really satisfied with the training our staff received on the operation of the baler and have peace of mind that everyone is confident that they can operate the machine safely.”

“We’re extremely pleased with the service from KK. We chose KK Balers because of their reputation and the fact they were recommended to us, and we now gladly recommend them ourselves”.

Thank you KK Balers”

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With such kind words of endorsement, we look forward to assisting them for many more years to come.

We are passionate about helping businesses reduce their waste by recycling their cardboard, plastic and any other material.

KK have over 40 years experiences. And help thousands of happy customers and continue to grow from strength to strength.

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Garden Centre reduces recycling time by days with the KK 500SA Semi Automatic Baler

Thank you to Kai Mayfair – this is a great overview of how KK helped achieve a waste management solution for your glass bottles.

“ Kai Mayfair– A Sophisticated Chinese restaurant serving gourmet classics in an elegant, modern dining room

with 1 Michelin Star enquired at KK Balers regarding recycling and waste management specificity around glass bottle waste disposal and noise reduction.

As our restaurant is located in a residential area, noise reduction is high on our priority list,

so the KK Glass Crusher was put forward for consideration as a different way to manage our glass waste.

Before the Glass crusher was installed, we were disposing of bottles directly into the bin,

it was far from ideal due to the noise generated by the bottles… No matter how quiet we tried to be.

We decided to go ahead with KK and have no regrets, the KK glass crusher is used 3-4 times a day

– it saves space in the bin – it saves time –  and the fact we are no longer have to manually put bottles into the bin is keeping the noise to a minimum

which must be pleasing to our neighbours.

Upholding our reputation is paramount, so if technology and engineering can help us to recycle more effectively and is sustainable, we will embrace it.

KK Balers have been very helpful and approachable, the price is fair and the service is great. Whenever we have had any queries, KK have always been able to offer support both by phone and in person.

Thank you KK for helping us find a solution. “  KAI Restaurant Manager.


For more information about glass bottle waste disposal call KK today on 01932 852423

Please feel free to complete the enquiry form so that we may contact you.

Thank you for your interest so far, we look forward to assisting you further.
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Kai Mayfair delighted with Glass Bottle Waste Management Solution



















KK Balers established a relationship with The Ivy Collection with the installation of a KK Minimiser at The Ivy Soho Brasserie. After recognising the results and benefits of the baler another KK Minimiser was installed at The Ivy Market Grill, which is located in the heart of Covent Garden.
The Ivy Market Grill brings the familiar luxury of the ‘The Ivy Collection’ to a relaxed, yet sophisticated all day dining restaurant. comprised of a main restaurant, terrace overlooking the bustling piazza, and two private dining rooms.
Located in London, where space is a premium, the restaurant had a limited area where staff dealt with waste cardboard boxes. The KK Mini Baler is small enough to fit neatly in their back of house and by compacting the cardboard boxes it creates space for a safer working environment for the staff. In turn, it has also reduced the cost of the bin collections and helped with the recovery of recyclables.
Sandra Pereira is The Ivy Market Grill’s Restaurant Administrator, here is what she says about KK,
“KK Balers always achieve a high level of service–they are very quick to respond with any queries or orders.” If you would like more information, please call KK Balers today on 01932 852423 – this is a great example of a cardboard baler for small space

KK Minimiser, Back of House

The Ivy Market Grill – Hospitality – Recycling waste- cardboard baler for small space











Delta Pack in Birmingham approached KK Balers for an environmentally friendly solution to their Waste Management. The environment is one of the core ideals Delta takes into consideration when manufacturing packaging materials. Utilising 100% recycled Kraft and Sulphite paper to foil and PE laminated they keep sustainability at the forefront of the products they manufacture. To further support their endeavours Aslam Anwar, Director of Delta Pack reached out to KK Balers to help create a sustainable way to deal with their waste.

KK analysed the waste streams Delta where producing and recommended the KK15 Baler as the most suitable to deal with the excess, recyclable waste. This would enable the company to bale waste material which would increase valuable workspace, reduce size of waste, reduce waste collection costs and therefore improve health & safety and production in the workplace. The KK15 is a mid-range baler that can deal with around a tonne of waste material per week. It features a large aperture for loading the machine which allows operators to add any size items without having to break them down first.

Given the current circumstances and unpredictable climate the Coronavirus has created for individuals and businesses alike, Delta found there was a sudden increase in demand for takeaway containers and packaging material for the food industries. Thankfully, still fully operational and adhering to government advice, KK were able to quickly respond to Delta’s needs by delivering the machine and instructing method of installation & operation, which is very straight forward. This allowed them to be up and running with the machine during their busy period. Although Delta have had to cut back to very little staff now, in accordance to the governments advice, they are still in operation to support the demand of those busy food manufacturing industries that are currently in need of their packing services.

Aslam Anwar commented on the services from KK, “KK Balers were very responsive and keen to do business, the whole process from quote stage to actually having machine delivered was straightforward and fast, machine is solid and robust and right for the job too. I will highly recommend this company to anyone looking for waste processing solution.”

In time, when Delta returns to full operation with a waste management system already in place it will show the improvement of their production, improvement of the health and safety of staff, the environmental improvement and hopefully demonstrate cost savings across the business.

Delta Pack – Packaging

KK Balers support Bidfood to help vulnerable during COVID

As part of a nation-wide initiative, Bidfood and Brakes, the UK’s leading foodservice wholesalers, joined forces to support government teams and local councils to ensure that vital food supplies have reached the country’s most vulnerable people during the coronavirus crisis.  In what has been the biggest effort of its kind since the second world war, the scheme has seen hundreds of thousands of packs delivered daily, across every corner of England, Scotland and Wales to the clinically vulnerable who have had to self-isolate at home. 

Moving at record pace, the hard work, dedication and resourcefulness of supply chain, procurement, warehouse teams and drivers meant that in just nine days Bidfood and Brakes were able to plan, source and deliver this service on a massive scale, with more than four million packs now been delivered to those in need. For many, Bidfood drivers are the first friendly face they’ve seen and the response received from recipients has been amazing and moving, with many hundreds of cards and thank you notes showing how much this service has been valued as a real lifeline. Thousands of these care packs were assembled at a site run by Bidfood in Huthwaite, where baling equipment provided by KK Balers Ltd is also being used.

KK are proud to be supporting this project supplying a suitable baler for cardboard waste, turning it into easily movable bales for recycling. Andy Bulled, Regional Facilities Manager at Bidfood commented “At Bidfood, we recycle as much as we possibly can, which is something we’re passionate about.  Even on shorter-term projects, we look at the whole process to ensure everything runs smoothly, efficiently and that waste is minimised. We’ve appreciated the support we’ve received from KK, who have been easy to deal with, effective and very quick to respond.”

Bidfood – Wholesalers


ElringKlinger GB Ltd purchased a bespoke KK 500 SA (semi automatic) for their manufacturing site in Cleveland to meet their ever increasing demands with aluminium waste.

As quoted by Tony Bunker of ElringKlinger, he was extremely happy with the efficient way we dealt with their problems installed the baler at their premises in Cleveland; “the service we have received from KK Balers, we cannot fault, installation and training was completed within a day.”


ElringKlinger – Automotive Industry

KK Balers supplied Property Letting Furniture Solutions (PLFS) a KK120 Polystyrene Briquetting Press machine and a KK2020.

Derek Larkins, the Finance Manager at PLFS Ltd was impressed, “I decided to purchase the machines from KK Balers because they offered a quality product at a competitive price, because they are UK mainland based and also supply, install and provide training as part of the purchase package as well as offering an ongoing annual maintenance of the balers. The installation was carried out professionally and on time, the training was straightforward, we have already had the first maintenance visit that was carried out effectively.”


Property Letting Furniture Solutions – Manufacturer

Eastman is a global specialty materials company that have various sites within the UK, their manufacturing site is based in Workington, Cumbria, where currently KK compactors are in continual use as the company is open 24 hours per day; 365 days a week. Eastman is extremely happy with the machines installed as it has made a huge difference to their business, as quoted by Steven Fowler:

“Since we installed these units our finished bale appearance has been excellent and consistent. We have had no problems (loss of time) with any of the units to date. KK Balers gave us excellent service during the manufacture and installation of these items. Our main plant in Kinsport, Tennessee, are looking for compactor design with a view to moving toward something either similar or identical.”


Eastman – Specialty Materials

Following KK Balers recommendations Abingdon Flooring leased a KK500 SA Semi Automatic Baler. They now bale approximately 18 tonnes of card each week and recycle 50% of their tubes. Not only has the baler improved housekeeping and cut out the need for skips, they are now paid for their cardboard bales.

The machine will have paid for itself in less than a year and could be in profit (depending on card value) from between £40,000 – £60,000 per annum.

Mike Collins, Technical Manager at Abingdon Flooring is so ‘over the moon’ with the result of his acquisition last year that he has just ordered his second machine.


Abingdon Flooring – Manufacturer