A long standing family run business specialising in palletised freight distribution came to KK for help with their over-flowing skips.

The customer are the UK and Europe’s largest and most successful pallet network, offering worldwide freight solutions including sea & air freight, direct dedicated loads through the UK, Europe and Worldwide, weekend deliveries, Hiab deliveries, same day deliveries, 24 hour collection & delivery, storage & 3PL fulfillment. Extensive storage facilities and the capacity to move full and part loads they have developed a strong reputation for quality and service and cost-effective solutions.

Having two main waste streams, cardboard and plastic, the KK 2020 twin baler was the ideal machine to organise their waste disposal.

Sorting the cardboard in one chamber and plastic in the other, the 2 chamber baler seemed like the perfect solution.

RESULT = Waste is dealt with much faster and more efficiently, allowing the company to fully optimise space in the warehouse. The improvements on space also help meet Health and Safety requirements which is a highly valued aspect of the company.

The Commercial Manager expresses the reasons why they chose KK Balers to help them with their waste Management.

“The reason we chose KK Balers is to cut down on our costs and to recycle more effectively. Previously we were embarrassingly just dumping everything into a skip. With a Baler this allows us to separate the plastic and cardboard properly  and recycle. Having the Baler means that we have got rid of one skip which is giving us a great saving.”

There were a number of  staff trained on how to operate the machine when it was installed by the KK engineer, which is a very straight forward operation process.

By getting more staff involved, the system has become more streamlined.

The companies carbon footprint has also improved as the plastic is now recycled and landfill has reduced by 80%.

The CM has been very pleased with his dealings with KK Balers, “Our experience of KK Balers is a very professional one. The engineer that came out and installed the baler and showed us the set up and procedures was extremely knowledgeable and the office staff and sales man who came out have been very customer focused and polite.”


Twin baler

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