KK Balers supplied long-standing customer, Travis Perkins, with two KK Minimisers for operation at their Headquarters in Northampton.

With the number of locations and amount of materials that come into Travis Perkins HQ there was a growing number of bulk bags used to transport Recycling, generated within the industry, back to Brackmills, for reclaim, and avoid landfill.

To stop the wastage of the bags once they had been utilised, Travis Perkins contacted KK Balers for advice.

The KK sales team recommended a KK Minimiser with a bespoke ‘in-built’ table which would allow them to bale these bulk bags and send back to the branches across the UK to re-use.

The balers are able to compact the bags in an ideal size for transport, and using the in-built table they can create a bale of 10 bags, reducing the size and therefore cost for transport. Where before these bags went to waste, after a short time, of being used, they are now able to recycle for usage around the branches, prolonging the life of the bags.


“KK Balers were very well organised and a pleasure to deal with. Their bespoke solution is working well for us, they understood what we needed from them and supplied a high quality, machine to do the job!” spokesman from Travis Perkins