A large prestige building material supplier based in the north of England came to KK Balers with the issue of rising costs of waste disposal.

The H&S Manager J.B shares the following with Hayley at KK Balers;

KK Balers were recommended to us and we are so delighted with the result.

We are now saving on average £2000 per month and onsite productivity has increased by 25%.

Before KK Balers came into our lives, we were at crisis point with our waste handling process.

The waste disposal costs were reaching worryingly high levels and then there was the double handling of waste impacting our productivity levels. Going through approx. 100 bags per day, the waste was taking us a lot of time to move, filling 2 x 30ft containers every week, and utilising an 8 wheel tipper unit to move them, we just couldn’t carry on this way.

We were keen to search for a more environmentally friendly way to handle our disposal bags. And we wanted to reduce disposal costs and save on the time taken on site to process it. Asking another business what they were doing to resolve the issue was a game changer, and seeing their KK500 Baler on site made KK Balers a very obvious choice for us.

We called KK balers and within 2 weeks, we received delivery of our KK500 Bale Master Mill Size baler. Our team were given full onsite safety training, which was at a level that all staff could understand, and we even got tips on things you wouldn’t have known from the manual. Id say the trainer went the extra mile ensuring we knew everything. This whole experience proved to me that KK Balers care about their customers and don’t just want to make sales, making sure the solution worked for us as a business.

KK Balers are a pleasure to deal with and with thanks to them we can now recycle our waste bags.

Now, we simply put the empty bag into the baler, repeat and compact until a bale is created. We then store our bales ready for the recycler. What I also like about having this baler is flexibility to move it to a different location if needed, which is also key for us.

I would highly recommend KK Balers expertise in waste management solutions.