As a company, we can cater for cosmetic as well as technical amendments to any of our machines. Skatehut Ltd, who are based in the West Midland, purchased our very popular KK500 Balemaster in Pink!

Being a forward thinking, young, vibrant company they approached us with an unusual request for a colourful baler. The company opted for a pink baler to reflect their popular, bright product range. They specialise in skateboards, skates, footwear to name a few. Due to the sheer amount of cardboard they accumulated,they wanted a more cost effective way to dispose of their packaging, which was costing them time and money.

For Skatehut, the KK500 proved to be an efficient way of reducing man hours by producing 8 bales over a 3 week period, generating a current income of approximately £3,450 a year in revenue. The advantages for Skatehut means that over a short period of time the revenue generated from the baler will have more than covered the purchase costs and therefore an investment worth having.

As a unique company, they wanted the option of being able to choose a particular colour for their machine, one which represents the company’s image which is an integral part of their business outlook. We were happy to provide this service as we understand that for many companies, the cosmetic enhancements are just as important as the technical modifications. As a result of purchasing the baler, not only are Skatehut getting a return on their investment, they are also reducing their carbon footprint by recycling as well as utilising their workforce more efficiency.


Pink balemaster