Delta Pack in Birmingham approached KK Balers for an environmentally friendly solution to their Waste Management. The environment is one of the core ideals Delta takes into consideration when manufacturing packaging materials. Utilising 100% recycled Kraft and Sulphite paper to foil and PE laminated they keep sustainability at the forefront of the products they manufacture. To further support their endeavours Aslam Anwar, Director of Delta Pack reached out to KK Balers to help create a sustainable way to deal with their waste.

KK analysed the waste streams Delta where producing and recommended the KK15 Baler as the most suitable to deal with the excess, recyclable waste. This would enable the company to bale waste material which would increase valuable workspace, reduce size of waste, reduce waste collection costs and therefore improve health & safety and production in the workplace. The KK15 is a mid-range baler that can deal with around a tonne of waste material per week. It features a large aperture for loading the machine which allows operators to add any size items without having to break them down first.

Given the current circumstances and unpredictable climate the Coronavirus has created for individuals and businesses alike, Delta found there was a sudden increase in demand for takeaway containers and packaging material for the food industries. Thankfully, still fully operational and adhering to government advice, KK were able to quickly respond to Delta’s needs by delivering the machine and instructing method of installation & operation, which is very straight forward. This allowed them to be up and running with the machine during their busy period. Although Delta have had to cut back to very little staff now, in accordance to the governments advice, they are still in operation to support the demand of those busy food manufacturing industries that are currently in need of their packing services.

Aslam Anwar commented on the services from KK, “KK Balers were very responsive and keen to do business, the whole process from quote stage to actually having machine delivered was straightforward and fast, machine is solid and robust and right for the job too. I will highly recommend this company to anyone looking for waste processing solution.”

In time, when Delta returns to full operation with a waste management system already in place it will show the improvement of their production, improvement of the health and safety of staff, the environmental improvement and hopefully demonstrate cost savings across the business.