An Optical products manufacturer approached KK Balers for a solution to their excess of cardboard waste and were new to the concept of baling.

This particular customer manufacture unique ergonomic stereo microscopes, digital inspection and non-contact measuring systems.

Engineers and scientists worldwide use the high-quality systems for a wide range of magnification, inspection and measurement applications in industrial, materials and life science markets.

Renowned for pioneering optical design, this manufacturer’s microscope and metrology systems perform to the highest standards so KK were very happy to assist this reputable company.

Mr M, the Manufacturing Director, spoke with KK with the purpose of improving their waste recycling and environmental footprint

however wasn’t sure what would be the best machinery for this, or the best process to improve that part of the business.

KK where able to provide them with a couple of options as one of the leaders in the industry and following a site survey, and a few trials, the perfect baler was found;

The KK 15 baler. a mid-range baler was the perfect fit achieving up to 150kg bales.

The KK15 baler is fitted with an auto-eject mechanism = making light work of bale ejection onto a pallet for removal by pallet truck or forklift.


What has been particularly useful is the large loading aperture with side opening door, enabling bigger boxes to be thrown in without having to break them down.

Another feature that helped the company complete their decision for a KK 15 baler was the ease of use of the baler.

The men and women trained to use the baler upon installation found it straightforward and very efficient to use.

The improvements the baler has made to the company has not only been environmental but also it has improved their warehouse production by giving them a systematic way to deal with their cardboard waste.

Before the installation of the KK 15 baler, the company were using skips to dispose of the waste, they are now saving money on the collection and disposal of the skips which has been another great advantage of utilising the baler.


“We found it incredibly beneficial to have the machinery onsite without the full commitment to the purchase.

It gave us the chance to see how it would work within our warehouse, and seeing the difference in the machines, the speed and ease of use after a week it became clear to us which machine we would like to buy.”

Mr M was also very pleased with the service by KK.

“They were quick to deliver and collect the machines on site, training provided was fantastic and after dealing with KK from start to finish I was very pleased and eager to get our baler into practice.

The results have been impressive.”


Man standing by cardboard baler


If you would like more information on the KK15 Baler, if you are new to baling or would like to know more about balers and recycling solutions, call KK today on 01932 852423 or please complete the enquiry form.

We look forward to assisting you further.