The Hilton Metropole, located in Paddington, approached KK Balers to help them organise their waste disposal into an environmentally friendly system that was affordable for them to roll out as soon as possible.  KK supplied them with various machines, firstly on a trial basis, to help them decide what worked best for their staff, their space restrictions and the turnaround of waste produced by the busy hotel.

Ali Zitouni, Back of House Manager at the Hilton, worked closely with KK Balers Managing Director, Jon Lawton, to ascertain the main waste streams from the hotel and how to effectively deal with them. Cardboard, plastic and glass bottles where some of the major materials that could be segregated for bulk recycling. KK were able to install several baling machines to compact and bale their cardboard and plastic and arrange a recycling company to collect these as well as their magazines.

One of the machines that has been installed is the KK 66 – a twin baler which is an effective way to organise and keep separate card and plastic waste. It saves on space too, which is of particular importance for a London hotel,  there is one press plate for both the chambers and it is simply moved across when the other chamber is ready to compact. You can even load the other chamber while its compacting. This machine runs off a 13 amp power supply so can be plugged directly into a regular power socket. A can platform was supplied with this unit to compact the volume of metal cans and plastic bottles.

Another one of the KK Balers installed is a KK Mini Baler, this small baler is suitable for loading smaller sized items directly into for compaction.  The baler dimensions are 700mm wide and 735mm high, which means it can fit into small areas where space is at a premium.

The KK 500 Balemaster performs a similar task as the Mini Baler however on a much larger scale. It is the largest vertical baler KK has to offer and importantly produces a mill size bale which can create revenue for the Hilton. Mill sized bales are made up of plastic or cardboard weighing  500kg, which are recycle ready and can be delivered straight to the mill.

Glass bottles take up a large portion of the Hilton’s waste stream as well as storage space. KK’s Mega Glass Crusher has played a significant part in reducing this for the Hilton so that the glass bottles are crushed into the machine, taking up 80% less space. This also saves cost of the waste collection of the bottles. The crushed glass is collected along with the other by-products of their waste from the recyclers. A number of plastic containers have also been supplied by KK to temporarily store glass bottles before being fed into the crusher. Over a 12 month period the hotel had reduced their glass disposal by 50%.