When Anil Khanna from KE Hotels approached KK Balers for a waste disposal solution for the hotels under his ownership KK Balers were pleased to offer their expertise by way of a free site survey, accessing their current system and recommending the most suitable and affordable way to deal with the waste for each hotel.

With a national sales and service team across the UK they swiftly assessed each hotel, one in Kenilworth and the other in Oxford. With over 40 years’ experience in the industry Mr Khanna could trust KK to come up with the most cost effective and solution.

Outside of Holiday Inn Kenilworth

The Holiday Inn in Kenilworth deal with large amounts of plastic and cardboard as well as food waste which is amplified by a ‘Starbucks’ situated at the entrance of the hotel and the Marco Pierre White New York Italian also onsite. The Holiday Inn were also limited on space at the site, so KK were able to find a solution that could organise the waste and minimise waste storage.

One of the mid-sized machines in the KK range, a KK 66, was the right fit for the volume of plastic and cardboard waste going through the hotel on a monthly basis. The extra benefit of this machine is that it’s a twin baler, so it consists of two chambers side by side to easily separate plastic and cardboard waste within the one machine.

Twin chamber baler

KK also installed a KK Food Waste Station at the Holiday Inn which macerates and dewaters food waste, reducing volume by 80%, saving space, storage and also disposal time and money. This has made a substantial impact on the hotel’s food waste stream, with the Marco Pierre White restaurant and Starbucks on site its proving invaluable.

Food waste station

General Manager, David Myskow talks about how the KK machine has improved their system: “We have seen a significant change with our waste since the installation of these machines. Our food waste is profoundly cut and really helps organise the process for the staff. We have a much better system in place now and have KK to thank for that.”

The Best Western Linton Lodge in Oxford produces less waste and has recently introduced a KK Mini Baler to help manage and recycle the plastic and cardboard in their waste stream. Since the machine has been installed the hotel has found it has created a more systematic way of organising waste, thus freeing up valuable space and time for employees.

Outside of Linton Lodge Hotel                         Mini baler

Keith Walford comments on the improvements that the machine has brought to the company – “Our boxes of cardboard used to take up a lot of space but now with the baler in place the boxes go straight into the machine and
stay there until the bale is full. It helps organise the small area we have for this and the machine can be 0-stored outside which works well for us.”

Many hotels, or any commercial kitchen, deal with very similar waste streams, however each one will require different machinery to suit the turnover of food waste, cardboard and plastic. The free site survey that KK Balers offer can determine the most cost effective and intuitive solution that works for any hotel, historical house, restaurant or entertainment venue. Furthermore this solution can be implemented and followed through by them so that improvements in business and waste disposal can be put into place as soon as possible.

KK Balers is part of the KK Group International, which also includes KK Water Purification Ltd and KK Machine Hire that provide environmentally friendly services to the water and waste industries. Working alongside each other KK can bring other benefits to your kitchen/hotel by offering the ultimate guest experience, which plays a pivotal role in success of a restaurant or café.

KK Water Filtration can offer your business a water system, which will enhance food and beverages thus solidifying the restaurants reputation. Although boiling water will kill bacteria in water during periods of high demand having a system in place will greatly improve the process of maintaining healthy water supply free from harmful bacteria at a fair and reasonable price.

Restaurant equipment that relies on water such as ice machines, coffee makers, steamers and dishwashers will be able to exploit the benefits of a UV water filtration system especially the ice machine where the ice blocks produced from the machine will appear much clearer and also shatters’ easier than non-filtered ice. There are a variety of high quality products that KK Water have on offer to help restaurants and hotel kitchens to achieve this ultimate guest experience and improve ratings.

To find out more about how the KK group can help improve your restaurant visit www.kkbalers.com and www.kkwater.com and get in touch.