Cable Harnesses UK are manufacturers of electronic/electrical wiring harnesses and cable assemblies.
As with a lot of companies Cable Harnesses were on a continuous improvement drive and working to achieve ISO14001 in 2021. To this end they were aiming to reduce the amount of cubic waste that they were producing. They chose KK Balers as we were the most responsive and competitive out of the companies that they were considering as potential suppliers.
Neil Gregory the Managing Director, informed us that he was very pleased with the solution that KK Balers provided.

“KK Balers has reduced our cardboard bin collections from 3 to 1 per week, this in turn has reduced the amount of time and the number of employees taking waste from the factory to be disposed of.  We now have one central point for waste cardboard”.
Apart from cutting down on waste storage they have estimated to be saving around £500 per annum, and are now recycling all their waste cardboard.
“I consider KK Balers to have provided a first-class service following the initial communication to the delivery and installation of the KK Mini Baler, we were also pleased to be able to support British manufacturing”.