Thank you to Kai Mayfair – this is a great overview of how KK helped achieve a waste management solution for your glass bottles.

“ Kai Mayfair– A Sophisticated Chinese restaurant serving gourmet classics in an elegant, modern dining room

with 1 Michelin Star enquired at KK Balers regarding recycling and waste management specificity around glass bottle waste disposal and noise reduction.

As our restaurant is located in a residential area, noise reduction is high on our priority list,

so the KK Glass Crusher was put forward for consideration as a different way to manage our glass waste.

Before the Glass crusher was installed, we were disposing of bottles directly into the bin,

it was far from ideal due to the noise generated by the bottles… No matter how quiet we tried to be.

We decided to go ahead with KK and have no regrets, the KK glass crusher is used 3-4 times a day

– it saves space in the bin – it saves time –  and the fact we are no longer have to manually put bottles into the bin is keeping the noise to a minimum

which must be pleasing to our neighbours.

Upholding our reputation is paramount, so if technology and engineering can help us to recycle more effectively and is sustainable, we will embrace it.

KK Balers have been very helpful and approachable, the price is fair and the service is great. Whenever we have had any queries, KK have always been able to offer support both by phone and in person.

Thank you KK for helping us find a solution. “  KAI Restaurant Manager.


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