KK really enjoy sharing this story – it was a great project with challenges and KK had the right solution and were able to assist swiftly;

The Hilton approached KK Balers for help as they wanted to organise their waste disposal into an environmentally friendly waste management system that was affordable for them to roll out as soon as possible.

The 3 main areas of concern to take into consideration for this project were;

  • ease of use of the machines for the staff at Hilton
  • space restrictions onsite
  • the turnaround of waste produced by the busy hotel

The Back of House Manager at the Hilton, worked closely with KK Balers Managing Director, Jon Lawton, to ascertain the main waste streams from the hotel and how to effectively deal with them and after careful consideration and a choice of balers and options, they decided to go ahead with KK.

Cardboard, plastic and glass bottles where some of the major materials that could be segregated for bulk recycling.

KK were able to install several baling machines;

Firstly to compact and bale their plastic, cardboard as well as their magazines;

We installed the KK66;

KK66 twin baler is an effective way to organise and keep separate card and plastic waste and weighing bales of 40kg-60kg or smaller if needed. This machine saves on space too, which is of particular importance for this hotel.

Another machine utilised is the KK Mini Baler;

This baler is suitable for loading smaller sized items directly in for compaction.  Ideal for small spaces with bales weighing 40kg-60kg or smaller if desired.

And finally the KK’s Mega Glass Crusher; As glass bottles take up a large portion of the Hilton’s waste stream as well as storage space, this played a significant part of the solution, the glass bottles get crushed into the machine, taking up 80% less floor space. This also saved cost of the waste collection of the bottles.

Over a 12 month period the hotel had reduced their glass disposal by 50%.

KK also helped to arrange a recycler for the collection of the recycling material too.

Overall this was a successful project and the Hilton were very pleased with the outcome.

Why not call KK Balers today on 01932 852423 or fill out the enquiry form with any questions you may have. We would be delighted to assist you.