KK Balers Helps Local Distillery Save Money on Their Waste Costs

Distillery Testimonial

“We’re an independent business born from the passion, expertise and innovation of our founders;

who set out to build a business dedicated to creating premium, iconic products for clients and our own brands.

We are creators of fantastic liquids; we take products from concept to execution,

including services such as brand identity, flavouring, packaging, bottling, marketing, and fulfilment.

Not only do we create and bottle products, we also have our very own online store where we offer D2C for a wide variety of brands.

We chose to integrate the KK500 as we have large amounts of cardboard waste, and we wanted to reduce our waste costs as well as make a more environmentally responsible choice for waste disposal. We chose KK Balers as they had reasonable pricing and friendly helpful staff who offered great advice.”

“The KK500 has benefitted our business in many ways;

  • We reduced our costs with our waste removal company by limiting the waste going in our bins.
  • It has made our waste removal from site more efficient, we don’t have any waste building up and taking up space.
  • From selling our bales we are also managing to decrease waste costs.
  • It also has meant we can be more conscious with our recycling.

Before getting our balers, we were disposing of our cardboard and plastic in an REL Skip, which was proving to be very costly.”

“We recently installed a KK 15 Baler to deal with our waste plastic…

Having the KK 500 and the KK 15 has meant;

  • More efficient use of space for waste in our production area
  • Being able to recycle cardboard and plastic waste
  • Reduced our waste collection costs significantly

We always get excellent service from the staff at KK Balers. They are efficient and very helpful. The whole process of getting our balers and services we require following installation has been incredibly easy.”

If you would like more information or if you have any questions, please contact KK either via the enquiry form or call us today on 01932 852423

We look forward to assisting you further.