Dermalogica, a long standing customer of KK Balers had been struggling with their increased turn-over of packaging materials so turned to KK for a Mill Size Baler.

You may know be familiar with this brand?

Dermalogica is the number one choice of skin care professionals and consumers worldwide, they are dedicated to delivering skin health results through education, innovation, and professional recommendation. KK are pleased to work with Dermalogica having managed their waste disposal system for many years.

And as they pride themselves in selecting the best suppliers, KK were happy to assist with the upgrade and arrange a suitable recycler too.

A KK 40 baler was installed initially which for a few years was sufficiently managing the waste stream, but as the volume of card was building as their business increased they needed to upgrade to a larger model, the KK 500 Mill Size Baler in this instance.

This customer had filled a 40ft container to about three quarters with un-compacted cardboard waste.

Within a few days of having a new KK 500 mill size baler installed they turned the 40ft container boxes into 4x mill-size bales.

RESULT = Mill Size bales will receive revenue, when dry stored for a transport and collected via a trusted recycler. So that was good news for them.

Plus the customer was also able to save on the container collection costs.

Distribution Facilities Manager at Dermalogica, was most impressed with the new machine.

‘I was really happy with the training we received for the KK 500 Mill Size baler which was for myself as well as 6 other members of staff. When we put the machine into action it transformed a three quarter 40ft filled container into 4 bales.’

Used boxes and cardboard waste can soon build up and use up a lot of storage space. It can also become costly to get rid of these boxes in their original form.

Dermalogica Case Study KK

If you would like to know more about saving money and recycling, please get in touch with us as we would be delighted to look at some options with you.

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