Bute Island Foods came to KK Balers for a solution to help them streamline their waste, with the aim to recycle materials were possible and save time and money on waste disposal. They are the UK’s leading manufacturers and suppliers of Vegan and Dairy Free cheese products. With a state-of-the-art facility, they are able to satisfy the huge demand in the growing Vegan cheese market both in the UK and internationally.

Bute Island Foods as part of a collaboration of 11 Scottish companies in the food and drink sector- Made in Scotland where one of the six winners of this year’s Collaboration Prize, a £60,000 fund to develop new consortium co-ops in Scotland. The Collaboration Prize was delivered by Co-operative Development Scotland on behalf of Scottish Enterprise and Highlands and Island Enterprise in partnership with Business Gateway and the Scottish Chambers of Commerce.

The collaboration will enable member businesses to offer Scottish produce to lucrative overseas markets by pooling resources and experience. With this grant in place Bute Island Foods were able to implement a number of business strategies they had in the pipeline, which included Waste Management.

After approaching KK it was quickly determined that their needs would include a variety of Waste Management solutions which KK could full-fill for them with their large range of machinery. From baling cardboard to compressing drums it was a project which KK were keen and able to take on for them.

It was also a project that needs coordination for delivery of the heavy machinery from the UK mainland across to the Island of Bute via ferry. One of KK’s head engineer’s, Malcolm Gunner was the key to completing the mission successfully. There were 3 x KK 500 balers, as well as the KK Drum Press, KK 1100 Ltr Bin Press and KK Bag Press delivered and installed, as well as training provided for members of the Bute Island Food team that would be using the machines.

Gary Dickinson, Line Manager from Bute Island foods said “Malcolm was very level-headed as we had a few little hiccups to over-come along the way but his forward thinking we were able to work around to getting the machines successfully installed in the vital places they needed to be. His training was also very valuable as now I am fully qualified in training any future staff members.”

KK 500 Bute Island Headquarters

The KK 500 Baler was the most suitable balers in the range for Bute Island, as they deal with a lot of cardboard and plastic waste. Also with multiple warehouses they needed 3 on their site for an effective process of waste management. The powerful machines out-performs any other vertical baling press of its kind. Materials are compressed into dense mill size bales, of up to 600kg in weight. The wide feed aperture simplifies and speeds up handling of bulky material. Bute Island foods will see their storage, transportation and waste disposal costs dramatically reduce.

To improve management of storage and disposal of used drums KK installed one of their Drum Press’s, which with 24 tons of power crushes all 205 litre/45 gallon metal drums to a fraction of their original size. This adds even more value to the savings for Bute Island as their storage space and waste clearance costs will reduce even further.

KK Drum Press

KK 1100 Ltr Bin Press works in a similar way were general waste is pushed down to a manageable size, reducing the volume in 1100 litre bins. Another solution for general waste KK supplied a KK Bag Press to Bute Island. Suitable for both wet and dry waste the machine is top loading & has a split chamber for ease of bag removal. It’s also wheel mounted for quick and easy movement, high compaction force of 10:1 and it also has a low operating height.

With these 6 machines in place Bute Island Food’s waste management is in good order. Cardboard and plastic is being recycled and general waste is being minimised. Jon Lawton, Managing Director, KK Balers comments, “When we were first approached by Jan at Bute Island Foods we had an in-depth discussion in regards to how the company was currently running and what systems they had in place for Waste Management. It soon became clear that we could supply the variety of the machines that was needed and it saved them a lot of time and hassle to come to the one company for all their needs”.

KK Balers has been established for over 40 years supplying customers in the UK and internationally. To find out more about how the KK group can help improve your waste management visit www.kkbalers.com.


KK 1100 Ltr Bin Press                                                        KK Bag Press