KK Balers support Bidfood to help vulnerable during COVID

As part of a nation-wide initiative, Bidfood and Brakes, the UK’s leading foodservice wholesalers, joined forces to support government teams and local councils to ensure that vital food supplies have reached the country’s most vulnerable people during the coronavirus crisis.  In what has been the biggest effort of its kind since the second world war, the scheme has seen hundreds of thousands of packs delivered daily, across every corner of England, Scotland and Wales to the clinically vulnerable who have had to self-isolate at home. 

Moving at record pace, the hard work, dedication and resourcefulness of supply chain, procurement, warehouse teams and drivers meant that in just nine days Bidfood and Brakes were able to plan, source and deliver this service on a massive scale, with more than four million packs now been delivered to those in need. For many, Bidfood drivers are the first friendly face they’ve seen and the response received from recipients has been amazing and moving, with many hundreds of cards and thank you notes showing how much this service has been valued as a real lifeline. Thousands of these care packs were assembled at a site run by Bidfood in Huthwaite, where baling equipment provided by KK Balers Ltd is also being used.

KK are proud to be supporting this project supplying a suitable baler for cardboard waste, turning it into easily movable bales for recycling. Andy Bulled, Regional Facilities Manager at Bidfood commented “At Bidfood, we recycle as much as we possibly can, which is something we’re passionate about.  Even on shorter-term projects, we look at the whole process to ensure everything runs smoothly, efficiently and that waste is minimised. We’ve appreciated the support we’ve received from KK, who have been easy to deal with, effective and very quick to respond.”