Martin Dale of Adams Foods Ltd, approached us in 2012, with a requirement to purchase a baler that could deal with large volumes of cardboard packaging. However in order for them to meet their food safety obligations the machine needed canopy, a key requirement for the company.

Adams Foods Ltd is the highest volume packer of cheese in the UK, serving most supermarkets chains with their own branded products of Block, Grated, sliced and flavoured products. Their site in Staffordshire is where the main production and packing facilities are carried out. They also produce their own branded products which are Pilgrims Choice and MU. On average they pack around 80,000 tons per year and employ over 600 staff.

In Particular Adams Foods was looking for a specific type of baler which could in-corporate a canopy as part of the machine, This would ensure their processing area is kept completely sealed and therefore comply with their strict food safety regulations. After some discussion and a site survey, we came to the conclusion, due to the sheer amount of cardboard they produce, that the KK500 SA (Semi Automatic) with a specially designed canopy would be the appropriate baler for them.

“We chose KK Balers as we believed their machine gave us the best value for our investment at the time and it was being built in the UK. Given the opportunity to discuss our problem with the manufacturers, enabled us both to clearly understand our requirements.” (Martin Dale of Adams Foods)

This bespoke KK500 SA was equipped to deal with large volumes of cardboard produced as well as maximising the rebate available for baled items.

“As our business has continued to grow and cardboard volumes increased it was important that we had the capability to get the best possible return.” (Martin Dale of Adams Foods)

As a manufacturer we have the ability to provide key specifications to a standard machine or provide a completely unique machine. By understanding the business requirements of our clients, it allows us to be focused and instrumental in the design phase with the hope of increasing productivity. With regards to Adams Foods by producing a specialised canopy, it allowed them to increase their revenue by over 50% which is a great achievement.

Adams Foods