We always get excellent service from the staff at KK Balers. They are efficient and very helpful. The whole process of getting our balers and services we require following installation has been incredibly easy.

KK Balers Helps Local Distillery Save Money With Their Waste Costs

The Hilton Metropole, located in Paddington, approached KK Balers to help them organise their waste disposal into an environmentally friendly system that was affordable for them to roll out as soon as possible.  KK supplied them with various machines, firstly on a trial basis, to help them decide what worked best for their staff, their space restrictions and the turnaround of waste produced by the busy hotel.

Ali Zitouni, Back of House Manager at the Hilton, worked closely with KK Balers Managing Director, Jon Lawton, to ascertain the main waste streams from the hotel and how to effectively deal with them. Cardboard, plastic and glass bottles where some of the major materials that could be segregated for bulk recycling. KK were able to install several baling machines to compact and bale their cardboard and plastic and arrange a recycling company to collect these as well as their magazines.

One of the machines that has been installed is the KK 66 – a twin baler which is an effective way to organise and keep separate card and plastic waste. It saves on space too, which is of particular importance for a London hotel,  there is one press plate for both the chambers and it is simply moved across when the other chamber is ready to compact. You can even load the other chamber while its compacting. This machine runs off a 13 amp power supply so can be plugged directly into a regular power socket. A can platform was supplied with this unit to compact the volume of metal cans and plastic bottles.

Another one of the KK Balers installed is a KK Mini Baler, this small baler is suitable for loading smaller sized items directly into for compaction.  The baler dimensions are 700mm wide and 735mm high, which means it can fit into small areas where space is at a premium.

The KK 500 Balemaster performs a similar task as the Mini Baler however on a much larger scale. It is the largest vertical baler KK has to offer and importantly produces a mill size bale which can create revenue for the Hilton. Mill sized bales are made up of plastic or cardboard weighing  500kg, which are recycle ready and can be delivered straight to the mill.

Glass bottles take up a large portion of the Hilton’s waste stream as well as storage space. KK’s Mega Glass Crusher has played a significant part in reducing this for the Hilton so that the glass bottles are crushed into the machine, taking up 80% less space. This also saves cost of the waste collection of the bottles. The crushed glass is collected along with the other by-products of their waste from the recyclers. A number of plastic containers have also been supplied by KK to temporarily store glass bottles before being fed into the crusher. Over a 12 month period the hotel had reduced their glass disposal by 50%.


KK Balers supply the Hilton Metropole in London multiple solutions to improve their Waste Management

Cable Harnesses UK are manufacturers of electronic/electrical wiring harnesses and cable assemblies.
As with a lot of companies Cable Harnesses were on a continuous improvement drive and working to achieve ISO14001 in 2021. To this end they were aiming to reduce the amount of cubic waste that they were producing. They chose KK Balers as we were the most responsive and competitive out of the companies that they were considering as potential suppliers.
Neil Gregory the Managing Director, informed us that he was very pleased with the solution that KK Balers provided.

“KK Balers has reduced our cardboard bin collections from 3 to 1 per week, this in turn has reduced the amount of time and the number of employees taking waste from the factory to be disposed of.  We now have one central point for waste cardboard”.
Apart from cutting down on waste storage they have estimated to be saving around £500 per annum, and are now recycling all their waste cardboard.
“I consider KK Balers to have provided a first-class service following the initial communication to the delivery and installation of the KK Mini Baler, we were also pleased to be able to support British manufacturing”.


Vision Engineering approached KK Balers for a solution to their excess of cardboard waste. They manufacture unique ergonomic stereo microscopes, digital inspection and non-contact measuring systems. Engineers and scientists worldwide useVision Engineering’shigh-quality systems for a wide range of magnification, inspection and measurement applications in industrial, materials and life science markets. Renowned for pioneering optical design, Vision Engineering’s microscope and metrology systems perform to the highest standards.

Pleased to work with a reputable company KK responded to Vision’s enquiry by supplying them with a KK 15 Baler which was the most suitable sized baler to deal with the cardboard waste turnaround. A KK Mini Baler was also supplied to Vision on a trial basis however it wasn’t large enough to cope with the waste turnaround and the KK 15 proved to be the most effective machine for their cardboard recycling. The KK 15 is a mid-range baler suited to companies generating around a tonne of card or plastic per week. What has been particularly useful is the large loading aperture with side opening door, enabling bigger boxes to be thrown in without having to break them down.

Another feature that helped Vision complete their decision for a KK 15 was the ease the use of the baler.The KK15 is fitted with an auto-eject mechanism, making light work of bale ejection onto a pallet for removal by pallet truck or forklift. There were a number of staff, men and women, trained to use the baler upon installation who found it straightforward and very efficient to use.

The improvements the baler has made to the company has not only been environmental but also it has improved their warehouse production by giving them a systematic way to deal with their cardboard waste. Before the installation of the KK 15 the company were using skips to dispose of the waste, they are now saving money on the collection and disposal of the skips which has been another great advantage ofutilisingthe baler.

Steve Mead, Vision Engineering’s Manufacturing Director, spoke with KK with the purpose of improving their waste recycling and environmental footprint however wasn’t sure what would be the best machinery for this, or the best process to improve that part of the business. KK where able to provide them with a couple of options on a trial basis to see what worked best for them and as one of the leaders in the industry. “We found it incredibly beneficial to have the machinery onsite without the full commitment to the purchase. It gave us the chance to see how it would work within our warehouse, and seeing the difference in the machines, the speed and ease of use after a week it became clear to us which machine we would like to buy.”

Steve was also very pleased with the service KK provided them. “They were quick to deliver and collect the machines on site, training provided was fantastic and after dealing with KK from start to finish I was very pleased and eager to get our baler into practice. The results have been impressive.”


Man standing by cardboard baler


KK Balers help Vision Engineering see the Benefits of a Baler

KK Balers supplied long-standing customer, Travis Perkins, with two KK Minimisers for operation at their Headquarters in Northampton.

With the number of locations and amount of materials that come into Travis Perkins HQ there was a growing number of bulk bags used to transport Recycling, generated within the industry, back to Brackmills, for reclaim, and avoid landfill.

To stop the wastage of the bags once they had been utilised, Travis Perkins contacted KK Balers for advice.

The KK sales team recommended a KK Minimiser with a bespoke ‘in-built’ table which would allow them to bale these bulk bags and send back to the branches across the UK to re-use.

The balers are able to compact the bags in an ideal size for transport, and using the in-built table they can create a bale of 10 bags, reducing the size and therefore cost for transport. Where before these bags went to waste, after a short time, of being used, they are now able to recycle for usage around the branches, prolonging the life of the bags.


“KK Balers were very well organised and a pleasure to deal with. Their bespoke solution is working well for us, they understood what we needed from them and supplied a high quality, machine to do the job!” spokesman from Travis Perkins



Travis Perkins Minimise Waste with KK Balers

When Anil Khanna from KE Hotels approached KK Balers for a waste disposal solution for the hotels under his ownership KK Balers were pleased to offer their expertise by way of a free site survey, accessing their current system and recommending the most suitable and affordable way to deal with the waste for each hotel.

With a national sales and service team across the UK they swiftly assessed each hotel, one in Kenilworth and the other in Oxford. With over 40 years’ experience in the industry Mr Khanna could trust KK to come up with the most cost effective and solution.

Outside of Holiday Inn Kenilworth

The Holiday Inn in Kenilworth deal with large amounts of plastic and cardboard as well as food waste which is amplified by a ‘Starbucks’ situated at the entrance of the hotel and the Marco Pierre White New York Italian also onsite. The Holiday Inn were also limited on space at the site, so KK were able to find a solution that could organise the waste and minimise waste storage.

One of the mid-sized machines in the KK range, a KK 66, was the right fit for the volume of plastic and cardboard waste going through the hotel on a monthly basis. The extra benefit of this machine is that it’s a twin baler, so it consists of two chambers side by side to easily separate plastic and cardboard waste within the one machine.

Twin chamber baler

KK also installed a KK Food Waste Station at the Holiday Inn which macerates and dewaters food waste, reducing volume by 80%, saving space, storage and also disposal time and money. This has made a substantial impact on the hotel’s food waste stream, with the Marco Pierre White restaurant and Starbucks on site its proving invaluable.

Food waste station

General Manager, David Myskow talks about how the KK machine has improved their system: “We have seen a significant change with our waste since the installation of these machines. Our food waste is profoundly cut and really helps organise the process for the staff. We have a much better system in place now and have KK to thank for that.”

The Best Western Linton Lodge in Oxford produces less waste and has recently introduced a KK Mini Baler to help manage and recycle the plastic and cardboard in their waste stream. Since the machine has been installed the hotel has found it has created a more systematic way of organising waste, thus freeing up valuable space and time for employees.

Outside of Linton Lodge Hotel                         Mini baler

Keith Walford comments on the improvements that the machine has brought to the company – “Our boxes of cardboard used to take up a lot of space but now with the baler in place the boxes go straight into the machine and
stay there until the bale is full. It helps organise the small area we have for this and the machine can be 0-stored outside which works well for us.”

Many hotels, or any commercial kitchen, deal with very similar waste streams, however each one will require different machinery to suit the turnover of food waste, cardboard and plastic. The free site survey that KK Balers offer can determine the most cost effective and intuitive solution that works for any hotel, historical house, restaurant or entertainment venue. Furthermore this solution can be implemented and followed through by them so that improvements in business and waste disposal can be put into place as soon as possible.

KK Balers is part of the KK Group International, which also includes KK Water Purification Ltd and KK Machine Hire that provide environmentally friendly services to the water and waste industries. Working alongside each other KK can bring other benefits to your kitchen/hotel by offering the ultimate guest experience, which plays a pivotal role in success of a restaurant or café.

KK Water Filtration can offer your business a water system, which will enhance food and beverages thus solidifying the restaurants reputation. Although boiling water will kill bacteria in water during periods of high demand having a system in place will greatly improve the process of maintaining healthy water supply free from harmful bacteria at a fair and reasonable price.

Restaurant equipment that relies on water such as ice machines, coffee makers, steamers and dishwashers will be able to exploit the benefits of a UV water filtration system especially the ice machine where the ice blocks produced from the machine will appear much clearer and also shatters’ easier than non-filtered ice. There are a variety of high quality products that KK Water have on offer to help restaurants and hotel kitchens to achieve this ultimate guest experience and improve ratings.

To find out more about how the KK group can help improve your restaurant visit www.kkbalers.com and www.kkwater.com and get in touch.

KK Balers provide the perfect solution to KE Hotels waste problem

INDO Lighting approached KK Balers for a solution to their cardboard waste problem and given the waste turnaround of the company KK recommended a KK 18 Baler.

INDO is a pioneering manufacturer of Direct Drive LED street lighting systems, bespoke retrofit solutions and induction lighting equipment. Using advanced technologies and only the best quality components, INDO’s reputation as the innovative supplier of choice is growing amongst specifiers of exterior lighting.

A bespoke solution was made for Indo Lighting as their cardboard boxes are unusually wide. The KK Engineer increased the retaining claws as Indo Lighting needed to put 3 batches of card in each loading. These needed to be held down in order to maximise each load.

Prior to using the baler cardboard waste was placed in a small compactor, with which boxes had to be manually broken down to fit inside. This exercise was becoming increasingly labour-intensive during production and unnecessarily diverting attention from value-added tasks.

With the baler installed production lines are now able to flow without constant stoppages to break down boxes to clear space for stock. We calculated that the previous compactor was taking up 26 minutes of production time per day (this just being the waste from one product line) with the new baler this has been reduced to 5 minutes.

The baler produces bales of cardboard weighing up to 280 kg. This has enabled INDO to recycle their cardboard, improving their environmental footprint and also enabling them to sell the bales on to a local waste management company. It also features a distortion free press ram with guides on all sides, preventing an imbalance when loaded unevenly.

Luke Richards-Smart from INDO Lighting was very pleased KK had the resource to modify the baler to suit their needs, “KK quite quickly recognised were our time was being wasted and adapted a baler to work for us and our staff saving us valuable time and resource.”


KK customise baler to streamline Indo Lighting’s production

Frederick R Miller are a family run business with over 18 years’ experience in palletised freight distribution, they have been trading for 53 years this year.  KK were more than pleased to help them with their waste management when they approached them looking for a solution to their over-flowing skips.

Frederick R Miller are the UK and Europe’s largest and most successful pallet network, offering worldwide freight solutions including sea & air freight, direct dedicated loads through the UK, Europe and Worldwide, weekend deliveries, Hiab deliveries, same day deliveries, 24 hour collection & delivery, storage & 3PL fulfillment. Extensive storage facilities and the capacity to move full and part loads they have developed a strong reputation for quality and service and cost-effective solutions.

Having two main waste streams, cardboard and plastic, the KK 2020 was the ideal machine to organise their waste disposal. Sorting the card and the plastic into the 2 chambers of the baler there is a lot less clutter and over-filling skips in the warehouse. Waste is dealt with much faster and more efficiently, allowing the company to fully optimise space in the warehouse. The improvements on space also help meet Health and Safety requirements which is a highly valued aspect of the company.

Michael Brown, Commercial Manager expresses the reasons why Fredrick R Miller chose KK Balers to help them with their waste Management. “The reason we chose KK Balers is to cut down on our costs and to recycle more effectively. Previously we were embarrassingly just dumping everything into a skip. With a Baler this allows us to separate the plastic and cardboard properly. Having the Baler means that we have got rid of one skips which is giving us a great saving.”

There were a number of Frederick Miller staff trained on how to operate the machine when it was installed by the KK engineer, which is a very straight forward operation process. By getting more staff involved the system has become more streamlined. The companies carbon footprint has also improved as the plastic is now recycled and landfill has reduced by 80%.

Michael Brown has been very pleased with his dealings with KK Balers, “Our experience of KK Balers is a very professional one. The engineer that came out and installed the baler and showed us the set up and procedures was extremely knowledgeable and the office staff and sales man who came out have been very customer focused and polite.”


Man in high visibility clothing operating twin balerTwin baler

KK supply a KK 2020 Twin Baler to organise Frederick Miller’s Waste Disposal

A long standing customer of KK Balers had been struggling with their increased turn-over of packaging materials. The KK 40 was installed initially which for a few years was sufficiently managing the waste stream, but with the volume building as their business increased they needed to upgrade to a larger model, the KK 500 in this instance.

Dermalogica is the number one choice of skin care professionals and consumers worldwide. Established for over 32 years, they are dedicated to delivering skin health results through education, innovation, and professional recommendation. KK are pleased to work with Dermalogica having managed their waste disposal system for 19 years.

Used boxes and cardboard waste can soon build up and use up a lot of storage space. It can also become costly to get rid of these boxes in their original form. Dermalogica filled a 40ft container to about three quarters with un-compacted cardboard waste. Within a few days of having a new KK 500 installed they turned the boxes into four mill-size bales which will receive revenue upon collection & saved container collection costs.

Karl Tipilady, Distribution Facilities Manager at Dermalogica, was most impressed with the new machine. ‘I was really happy with the training we received for the KK 500 which was for myself as well as 6 other members of staff. When we put the machine into action it transformed a three quarter 40ft filled container into 4 bales.’



Dermalogica Case Study KK

KK Balers helps Dermalogica Cut Space for Waste

KK Balers help Christo deconstruct his monumental sculpture in Serpentine Lake, Hyde Park

The London Mastaba was a temporary sculpture designed by world renowned artist Christo and comprised of horizontally stacked barrels on a floating platform in Serpentine Lake, Hyde Park from June 18th to September 23rd, 2018.

KK Balers supplied the installation and dismantling company Kraft E.L.S. AG Exhibition Logistics Services two KK Drum Presses to accelerate the process of compacting and removing the 7,506 barrels from the park. The artist’s team from Kraft coordinated the project and completed the task within 2 months. The KK Drum Press uses 24 tons of power, which compacted the 205 litre/45 gallon metal drums to a fraction of their size in 35 secs per barrel. With over 7000 barrels to compact these machines significantly reduced waste storage space, reduced waste disposal costs, reduced transportation costs for recyclable materials and reduced the impact on the environment.

Jerome Szeemann, of Kraft, was very pleased with the service KK Balers provided, as well as the performance of the KK Drum Presses. KK were able to act quickly to deliver and set up the machinery for the team to start the monumental deconstruction task. Jerome said, “The quick delivery of the machinery helped us get started on compacting over 7000 barrels, which were far easier to move and discard at the compacted size.”

David Jones, the KK Engineer, was responsible for the delivery, installation and training on how to use the machines. He was very impressed with the process and speed of the deconstruction team following installation, the start through to the finish of the job progressed seamlessly.

The Drum Presses were key to the timing and cost of the dismantling task, creating a streamline of compacted barrels that were taken away swiftly and promptly for recycling. All operators were fully trained to effectively and safely use the machinery.

The artist, Christo wanted this project to have a positive effect on the environmental surroundings so that during the display of the sculpture, the colours transformed in the light and the reflection on the lake became like an abstract painting. He also wanted the environment to thrive after the sculpture’s time on the lake so he is funding a range of ecological improvements including creating new habitats for wildlife as well as undertaking a deep cleaning operation to improve the lake’s quality.


Drum pressDrums being removed from Christo sculptureChristo sculpture in Serpentine Lake

KK Crushes Monumental Sculpture