Looking for a waste compactor for hire or to buy?

At KK Balers, we have equipment for every aspect of waste management. Cardboard, plastic, polystyrene, cans, drums and glass are just a few of the waste products our machinery can deal with.

Please browse our compactors, and be sure to get in touch. We have the experience and knowledge to help you choose the right product for your business.

KK 240/360 Bin Compactor

240 360 litre Bin Press

Compacts general waste in 240/360 litre bins by 5:1.

KK 1100 Bin Press

KK 1100 bin press

Compacts general waste in 660/1100 litre containers.

Static/Portable Compactors


Both static and portable compactors are ideal to process general waste if material is non-recyclable.

KK Bag Press

KK bag press

Compacts wet and dry waste into a plastic sack for disposal.

KK Drum Press

Drum press

Compacts empty 205 litre drums to just a few inches in height.

KK Manual Can Press

Compacts paint and food tins up to 5 litres.

With our years of experience and vast range of products we’re your one-stop-shop for compactors. We have equipment to deal with every aspect of your waste management needs.

Recycling your waste not only impacts hugely on the environment, but ensures your company meets its obligations to government legislation and it makes sense financially, as the savings to you and your company are endless when waste management is dealt with efficiently.