We have a range of equipment to help you with the disposal or recycling of your cans, tins and drums. From 5 litre tins up to 205 litre drums we can provide you with the right machine to reduce your waste costs and save you time and money.

A can or drum press would suit any size company from building contractors, painters and decorators to small restaurants and hotels. Any place that uses cans or drums would benefit as disposal of these items is mainly air and bin collection costs are expensive and landfill tax is rising.

Benefits of a can, tin and drum press
Simple and convenient to use
Compact and into small area
Environmentally friendly
Limits waste storage space
Reduces waste collection costs
Competitively priced

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205 Litre Drums

Drums before and after being crushed

5 Litre Paint Tins

Tins before and after being crushed

KK Manual Can Press
Compacts paint and food tins up to 5 litres.

Drum crusher

KK Drum Press
Compacts empty 205 litre drums to just a few inches in height.

KK Mini Baler

KK Mini Baler
Small baler with added platform can crush any size can, tin or drum.

KK PET Twin Baler

KK 66 Twin Chamber Baler
Multiple chambers to deal with your card and plastic waste as well as tins, drums etc. with added platform.

With our years of experience and vast range of products we are your one stop shop. We have equipment to deal with every aspect of your waste management needs.

Recycling your waste not only impacts hugely on the environment, but ensures your company meets its obligations to government legislation and it makes sense financially, as the savings to you and your company are endless when waste management is dealt with efficiently.