Polystyrene briquetting press
Suitable Applications EPS
Density achieved 350 kg/m³
Capacity per hour 18 kg
Daily capacity 80 kg
Block measurement 120 x 120 mm
Feed – opening dimension 680 x 320 mm
Weight 270 kg
Machine dimensions (L x W x H) 2850 x 450 x 1770 mm
Motor power Main motor: 1,5 kW
Power supply 1 x 230V, 50Hz, 16A 3 x 400V, 50Hz, 10A
*Please note specifications and product photos are subject to change.

The KK 120 is the ideal solution for compacting polystyrene material. This machine compacts the material in blocks of 120 X 120 mm, which gives a density of nearly 300 kg/m3.

Ideal for the retail trade and smaller industrial companies. Used packaging and packaging materials made from EPS in the retail and industrial sectors take up masses of space and require frequent collection. EPS cannot be compacted in ordinary waste compactors. The KK 120 solves both the space and waste problem.

It is equipped with an easy readable amp meter, which makes it easy to adjust the compaction force. The matrix and the press chamber are made from stainless steel to extend the durability.

The KK 120 is an ideal solution for various sectors, such as Fish companies, Fruit packers, Supermarkets, Furniture Companies to name a few. For an example of how the machine works for one of our customers, please look at our testimonial from Property Letting Furniture Solutions – Property Letting Furniture Solutions Testimonial.

Reduce cost for warehouse, transport and disposal – generate an income from sales of compacted blocks.
Low cost for use and maintenance.
Affordable price.
Takes up very little space – can be placed under pallet rack.
Safe and easy operation.

Wheels for KK 120 screw compactor with bag holder.
Soundproofing in hopper and lid (reduces noise by 10-15 dB).
Bag holder, to compact directly into bags.
Bags for KK 120 – 500 meters.