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KK Minimiser

cardboard baler

This small baler is ideal when space is limited and waste volume low. Bale weight 25-60kg. For cardboard, plastic and tins.

KK Mini Baler

KK Mini Baler

This automated small versatile baler produces dense solid bales. Bale weight: 30-80kg. For cardboard, plastic and tins.

KK 15 Baler

KK 15 Baler

A mid-range baler that compacts with ease. Bale weight: 150kg. For cardboard, plastic, tins and plastic bottles.

KK 18 Midi Baler

KK 18 Baler

A mid-range baler that compacts with ease. Bale weight: 150-220kg. For cardboard, plastic, tins and plastic bottles.

KK 66 Twin Baler

KK 66 Multi Chamber Baler

A twin baler with 6 tons pressure, ideally for the recycling of plastic and cardboard. Efficient way of dealing with different materials at the same time.

KK 30 LH Baler

KK 30 LH Baler

This low height baler excerpts 20 tons of force, compacting cardboard or plastic to a fraction of its size and produces bales of up to 300 kgs.

KK 2020 Twin Baler

This heavy duty twin-chamber baler deals with volumes of mixed waste. Chambers can be added. Bale weight: 150-250kg. For cardboard, plastics and tins.

KK 500 Balemaster

Balemaster heavy duty baler

Heavy duty mill-size baler exerting 50 tons pressure out performs any other mill-size baler. Bale weight: 450-600kg. For cardboard, plastic & tins.

Semi Automatic Horizontal Baler

KK 500 Semi Automatic Baler

This semi automatic horizontal baler crushes anything that is offered to the wide loading hopper. Bale weight: 650kg. For cardboard, plastic, foam, barrels and more.

Reasons why you should buy a Cardboard Baler from Us

For more than 35 years KK Balers has been selling compactors and balers throughout the UK and overseas. Our UK network of fully qualified technicians are always on call to ensure optimum performance of your waste compactor or baler. We aim to be onsite if not the same day, then within 24hrs.

Buying a KK compactor or baler is a sound financial investment that will enable your company to save money on your waste collections, obtain revenue for your baled cardboard and plastic and conform to environmental legislation.

We also offer a free site survey and pre-trial of our equipment which will ensure that you rent the best machine that will give your company the best solution to deal with all your waste handling requirements.

KK Balers works closely with recycling companies throughout the UK and can arrange to have your baled waste collected on a regular basis.

Buying a compactor or baler from us gives you flexibility to allow you to choose which recycler you wish to collect your waste, this gives you the advantage of getting the best price for your card and plastic.

To discuss further, please contact a member of the KK team on 01932 852423 or click on Contact Us and complete your details.

We have equipment to deal with every aspect of your waste management needs, cardboard, plastic, polystyrene, cans, drums and glass are just a few of the waste products our machinery can deal with. Please browse our products, but do get in touch with us as we have the experience and knowledge to help you choose the right product for your business.

With our years of experience and vast range of products we are your one stop shop. We have equipment to deal with every aspect of your waste management needs.

Recycling your waste not only impacts hugely on the environment, but ensures your company meets its obligations to government legislation and it makes sense financially, as the savings to you and your company are endless when waste management is dealt with efficiently.

10 Reasons to Buy a Cardboard Baler

  • Earn revenue from baled waste
  • Helps you to meet environmental policy
  • Freedom to choose your waste agent
  • Improve waste housekeeping, more efficient operation
  • Helps to improve Health and Safety
  • Organised waste stream
  • Saves money on skip hire and collection costs
  • Full installation and training provided
  • 35 years in business
  • KK has helped over 1000s of customers